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My keyboard is holding certain midi notes when recording

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asked Jul 8 in Studio One 6 by nicklee1 (280 points)
Hey I just got a Roland Juno DS,

What I’m trying to do:

Record midi then quantize the midi and record the sounds from the Juno ds on an audio track.

I have it working it’s just that certain notes seem to stick where the note holds or sustains.

and No I don’t have a sustain pedal

It only does this when recording the sound from the Juno ds after recording the midi.

I’m using it thru midi and audio Not USB.

I had the same problem with my Roland e09 I just don’t remember how I fixed it before.

Anyone know the answer?

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answered Jul 11 by thomasolbrich (140 points)
I have the same issue with my Yamaha MODX. It seems to be random, i.e. never the same notes and at irregular intervals. The issues comes up only with S1.