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Better to connect a DigiMax LT to Studio 192 using Word Clock, the DigiMax internal clock, or the embedded clock?

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asked Jun 29, 2016 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by Ronthesoundguy (120 points)
Computer is a custom system - AMD 6-core processor, 16gb of DDR3 RAM, ASUS motherboard, USB3.0.  Running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  Will be installing Studio One 3 Pro using a Studio 192 and a DigiMax LT

Looking for the best practice on this one.  Is it better to sync the DigiMax to the Studio 192 with word clock than to use the embedded signal in the ADAT?  There will be only those two devices to sync in this system.  Currently we're connected to a 002 Rack and are making the switch on Saturday to the Studio 192/Studio One 3 Pro, would love to know the best practice here before installation

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answered Aug 13, 2016 by adolfogermanschmidt (250 points)
Hi friend, unfortunately I can't connect my new 192 to my good used digimax fs. For years connect Fs to Digi 003 without problems thru lightpipe. Now I am in fire with clicks clacks etc because apparent incompatibility between both Presonus gears connecting via adat lightpipe. incredible! I work with Mac mini I7 16 gb Ram. I talk a lot with the technical service but nothing was better yet. I don't connect via BNC yet because I am waiting a final opinion of technical service about inherent incompatibility between both gears.

Maybe I must buy a DP88.