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Studio One 3 won't let me log in

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asked Jul 24, 2016 in Studio One 3 by baileysaunders (150 points)
I can just bought the free version of Studio One 3 so I've created an account and everything else. When I go to put in my product key I click on the application and it prompts me to sign in to my PreSonus account - works fine. I then go to type in my product key and click activate. It prompts me again to sign in to my PreSonus account but says that my username or password is invalid although it worked the first time.

Computer make: Custom

OS: Windows 7

Application Version: Studio One 3 Prime v3.2.3 build 38191

Wasn't sure where to find the other stuff.

Thank you if you can help me in anyway.

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answered Jul 27, 2016 by ryanmiller13 (18,170 points)
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Instead of trying to input the key manually, click on the down arrow next to product key and have it "Show existing product key."  Your key should automatically populate if you have signed in with your PreSonus account
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answered Feb 28, 2017 by beatekalnina (140 points)
I have the Same Issue, except, it does this crazy flshing thing whenever i move my mouse. Looks like some really weird glitch and it happens every time. I even tries uninstalling and reinstalling it.