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Won't let me click the record button?

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asked Jul 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by haileyserrano (150 points)
I just got a Mac, I switched over from my PC and never had this issue using Studio One on my PC. I have two tracks, one of the instrumental I imported, and another for voice. I want to record voice, and I usually click that little record symbol that's to the left of the track name in that little box with a few track options. (the button next to the one that looks like a little speaker). It just won't let me click it. It usually lights up red when it is clicked, but when I click it, nothing happens. I've never had a problem clicking it before. On my old laptop to record voice, I would click that mini record button, then click the main record button on the Bottom to record.  Never had a problem. Why isn't it letting me click it so that I can record?

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answered Jul 3, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,650 points)
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Make sure your Audio I/O is setup correctly.

If you launched Studio One last and did not have an audio interface configured, then Studio One will select the Built-In Output as it's default audio device.

Go to Audio Setup and make sure your audio device is set correctly.

Then your record inputs will show up.
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answered Jul 4, 2017 by dwaynevalentine (4,280 points)
Make sure the destination folder for you recording is correct. For example, if you set up your session to record to an external drive, Studio One needs to see that drive connected before it would allow you to record.
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answered Jan 22, 2019 by shannotes (140 points)
Hi I hope this helps you out.