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closed Studio 192 Mobile Crashes on Play

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asked Sep 26, 2016 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by kennethrieke (120 points)
closed Sep 27, 2016 by kennethrieke
Windows 10 x64

AMDFX-4350 Quad-Core Processor 4.2GHz


Studio192 Mobile Universal Controller Vers.

Firmware Vers. 1.6-35

Issue: upon playback of any source (Windows Media Player, various DAWs) the first second of audio or so will play, and then immediately crash the playback application. When this occurs, I note also that the blue ring around the 192 Mobile's power button briefly flickers to red and then back to blue. The source application will then need to be killed via Task Manager as it is unrecoverable.

Suspected cause: Driver closes or resets during playback?

How do I fix this, this is brand new, out of the box, haven't even owned it for two hours and I am livid.
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