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UC Surface Gain control and Subgroup assignment

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asked Oct 6, 2016 in Ai Mixers by tofalsound (290 points)


A couple of days ago I downloaded UC surface 1.8 on the iPad air 2 with ios 10. and getting to know the software these days.

We're about to use this software with a Studiolive 32.2.4 Ai mixer.

What I don't see in the UC surface software is the gain control for any given channel.

And what I also don't see is an option to assign a certain channel to a subgroup.

Having watched tutorials on youtube, I see that my interface is slightly different then the ones used in the tutorials.

The top picture is the UC surface interface I have and the bottom one is the one with the gain control and a slight different interface (note the main channels section).

Any suggestions what might be the difference?

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answered Oct 6, 2016 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
During the time UC Surface has changed in some parts, so don't mind. You are not seeing (PreAmp) Gain because it is only controlled by the analog gain knob on your board and can not be stored/recalled. UC Surface has no access to the board's input gains, but to all output levels, which also can be recalled.

Usually you would assign any channel directly at the board (there are buttons for this purpose), but it is also possible in UC Surface: Select a subgroup, then the field of the faders left is emptied. Click on "Edit" and select any channel you want to be part of your subgroup. Confirm your selection by clicking "Done" and that 's it. Now you see which channels are part of your subgroup. Deselecting also works this way.
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answered Oct 6, 2016 by tofalsound (290 points)
Thanks for the reply @wahlerstudios.

If checked the subgroup assignment and it worked just like you described.

Still I don't understand why it is that I can't control the PreAmp gain.

So to begin with the soundcheck you always have to start on the board to adjust/set the proper gain? Would've been handy if UC surface had this option.
On which version of the software is it that the PreAmp gain can be controlled on UC Surface? (like the tutorials shown on youtube and on presonus's website)
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answered Oct 7, 2016 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
Ok, you need to understand that the SL mixers first of all are built as "stand alone" mixers, which have an analog and a digital part inside. Gains belong to the analog part, so they are handled like gains on an analog board. It is the network part that adds digital preamps to the system, which then are adjustable and recallable in UC Surface. They "replace" the analog gains of the board and make the signal flow digital. Network means a RM32AI (or RM16AI) as a "digital stagebox" and ethernet (CAT5 cables, switch etc.). But first you have to decide, which road you want to go: Dante or AVB. Both work fine, each have own advantages. Look for information in this website and especially in the forums. But now take time to get to know your RM board, UC Surface and Capture. If you haven't done it yet, get a router involved. You don't need a computer to work with UC Surface. Simply connect the board with a (dual band) router and you are ready to go. You find a lot of information unter "Support/Downloads" (f.e. manuals) and also "Support/Knowledge Base".
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answered Oct 8, 2016 by tofalsound (290 points)
Okay It's clear now.

Was just curious about the differences.

The main reason we're gonna use uc surface is for managing the aux mixes on stage.

Thanks again for your reply.