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How can I use the consoles channel inserts for the analog effects while mixing down 'in the box' .

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asked Oct 24, 2016 in Classic Mixers by jimthievin (130 points)
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I have no problem using channel inserts when tracking or live but on an 'in the box' mix down I'd like to incorporate a few analog effects like an Aural Exciter and/or outboard reverbs on individual tracks.  I believe I have to send those channels back into Cubase somehow to include them when creating the final mixed file.  Is it even possible? Hoping for a workaround.

I've been loyal to Cubase since Steinberg was on diapers decades ago. I've heard good things about Studio One 3 but have not used it on any projects yet. Old habits die hard and if it ain't broke.............

Thanks in advance if you can.  


Cubase Artist 8.5, Studio One 3, Protools

Presonus 24.4.2ai, Dell XPS 9100, IPad, iMac

A gaggle of old school outboard gear and lots of patience


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answered Oct 24, 2016 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
You have to sacrifice some of your mix outs (aux) as FX sends. You can use input channels (mono or linked) and/or Aux In A and B (both stereo) as returns. There will be some latency because of the needed AD/DA conversions. It is also possible to use S/PDIF as stereo send.