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Cubase style channel effects strip

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asked Jun 6, 2019 in Mixing by zacharymatson (180 points)
After (regrettably) purchasing Cubase Pro 10, the only area in which I felt it actually shined above S1 right now is the channel effects that you get automatically on every channel without adding any plugins. I know we have fat channel right now, but that is missing some kind of distortion/saturation, and there is something very fast about opening a channel and just utilizing those basics without pulling up a plugin. Further, the customizability of switching between a few options for EQ, compressor, limiter, and saturation are appreciated, and each of these is visually appealing and at a good level of feature depth for a channel strip.

If a channel strip like this became available for S1 without plugins or inserts I think it would put the mixing experience even further above anything else on the market right now.

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answered Jun 8, 2019 by robertgray3 (38,170 points)
Fat channel integrated onto every channel in a little more elegant way actually sounds awesome :)
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answered Oct 31, 2019 by johndecarteret (550 points)
I actually left Cubase for studio One and I am really pleased that I did. I much prefer the clean uncluttered approach of S1. If you want it like Cubase then create your own custom templates, that's what I've done. Only what i want and what I need is preloaded. every open plugin eats up the jucie so eats up resources you might want else where.

Sure make them look more elegant but don't go gluing them to the audio strips. i hated that with Cubase all these effects right across every channel strip whether you wanted them or not. Hide one you hid them all, opened one and likewise. It might look better but Cubase doesn't sound better and S1 has more functionality than Cubase.

Like you I have Cubase 10 and what you might actually like are the bits that they have just put in after looking at S1. Cause that's where they came from, but they did a poor job of implementing them. No, please don't go making this the default. Create your own custom strips. It helps the workflow. I have templates setup for all the various types of sessions that I do and it saves time as well. Hmm, knowing me I've probably missed the point, but I don't like the sound of the idea. Sorry.