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Hiss on SD card recordings

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asked Nov 10, 2016 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by TobyC (310 points)

Just taken delivery of an AR12.

Recording a simple mix onto the SDHC card seems fine, except that when playing back there is a huge amount of hiss.

When I posted this question over on the support forum another user commented that they had the same issue.

Any suggestions?

With thanks,

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answered Dec 29, 2016 by wesley (5,600 points)
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The SD recording on your StudioLive AR-series mixer is post-fader. This is very important to keep in mind, because if your mixer is not properly gain-staged, the signal being recorded on the SD card will be too quiet, and not loud enough to achieve a proper signal-to-noise ratio and result in a good recording. 

The first step of properly gain-staging your mixer, is to start with the input signal. While speaking into a microphone, or playing your instrument, at the same volume you expect during performance, turn the corresponding trim knob until the signal/clip indicator flashes red. Back down the trim control until you rarely see the red light flash.

Next, set your channel fader as close to unity as possible. 

And finally, raise your main fader while watching the output meters on your mixer. The output meters should fluctuate from "0" to "10" for best recording results.

Now that your mixer is properly gain-staged, adjust the level of your amplifier or powered speakers until you've achieved the desired listening volume. Never turn down your mixer, when you can turn down your speakers instead.

For illustrated instructions on gain-staging, as well as best practices recommendations, please consult Section 2 of your StudioLive AR-series Owner's Manual. 

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answered Nov 10, 2016 by nickprice (250 points)
Likewise just tested the new desk tonight ...tried to playback over the PA for my musicians to listen to their performance ....embarrassing result  , the levels are well balanced but that hiiss dreadful .
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answered Nov 10, 2016 by benpaler (210 points)
i reported the same issue on my AR8. Tech Support responded but i forgot to reply back within 72hrs.
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answered Nov 10, 2016 by TobyC (310 points)
I'm away from my mixer for a couple of days, but can anyone reporting this issue please confirm (via Universal Control) the sample rate the mixer is running at when this issue arises? I'm just wondering if it has to be set to 44.1kHz to stop the hiss as I read that the SD recorder only records at 44.1. I'm wondering if 'on-the-fly' sample rate conversion is leading to the hiss. Just a thought ...


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answered Nov 22, 2016 by nickprice (250 points)
Just an update ..............I have a support request in with an audio sample .
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answered Nov 22, 2016 by nickprice (250 points)
Tech support say I should return my AR12 for replacement
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answered Nov 22, 2016 by TobyC (310 points)
Hi Nick,

That's interesting.

Can you confirm that you've tested SD card recording and playback with the sample rate set to 44.1kHz? I've been unable to do this test yet.

If it is still a problem at 44.1kHz then I suspect we've all had a 'bad batch' which would be a bit of a QA fail for Presonus.


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answered Dec 27, 2016 by TobyC (310 points)
Just spent several hours with our lovely dealer trying three different AR12's recording onto two different SD cards. Sadly all of them exhibited the hiss on the SD card recording. Design fault maybe?
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answered Mar 5, 2017 by ujdralliap (160 points)

I just bought an AR8 studio live mixer.

Im happy with it but i have a big problem with the sd card recording.

The is a ton of hiss when i play it back after recording.

I tried to record it with the max of gain in my input and master but there is still a lot of hiss.

So actually this feature is unusable.

And i basically buyed this mixer beacause of this feature.

I readed on the forums that many users have this problem.

Is there a solution?

The problem is hardware or software?

Maybe a software upgrade or do i have to bring it back to the store?????

Thanx for you answer