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What are the playback restrictions/limitations for SD card recordings

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by peterbutler2 (150 points)
Because of the limited transport controls on the Series III mixers, I'm sure there is a host of limitations on what you can and can't do when SD card recording or playing back. The current manual doesn't offer much information about this.

I discovered, after doing a first recording, that stopping and restarting recording within a session creates playback issues.  The jog control doesn't work past the point where recording was stopped and restarted. No matter where you move the time-line, playback always begins at the restart point. Prior to the restart point, jog works as expected.

Is there a list of SD recording/playback dos & don'ts, cans and can'ts?

Thanks, in advance.

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