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How to hear recordings on the SD card through the StudioLive 16R

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asked Jan 3 in StudioLive Series III by scottfitzgerald5 (190 points)
I have recorded the 2ch master mix on the SD card and was able to listen to the file on a computer, but how do I play it directly from the SD card in the 16R? I think I have to map the SD card to a channel for playback, but I cannot get it to work. I appreciate the advice.

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answered Jan 3 by wahlerstudios (104,060 points)
selected Jan 3 by scottfitzgerald5
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Not quite sure how it works on a 16R (never tried) and I don't have the mixer here at the moment, so I need to guess. Probably Capture shows up in UC Surface when you insert a SD card. Not sure if you need to load the mix scene - if there is any. The SD recorder sends its signal to "Tape In" (also called "Digital Input"), which you should find after the FX returns and Aux In's. Select this stereo channel and choose SD as input source.