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Most affordable way to get more inputs?

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asked Nov 25, 2016 in AudioBox USB by daveallanm (150 points)
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So, I'm using Studio One 3 with an Audiobox 1818vsl. I'm starting to wonder about adding more inputs for when i'm recording drums. I think I've realized that anything else with an ADAT in/out will work right? I've just discovered the DigiMax preamps and i'm assuming that's what I need? Problem is the D8 only does 48k and the DP88 is almost twice the price of my interface. What is the most affordable way for me to add 3 more phantom powered xlr inputs at 96k? I know there has already been a question about combining 2 1818vsls and it was recommended against but why? I mean I can get a used one for under $300 and I just watched a youtube video where a guy combined 2 with the adat connections. I was also looking at the ********* ADA8200 but again it only goes up to 48k. Is it possible to run my overheads in it or a similar device at 48k and have everything else plugged into the 1818vsl at 96k?

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answered Dec 2, 2016 by matthewgorman (51,990 points)
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Sample rates must match. Can't run one at 48, and another at 96. USB devices can not be daisy chained, and the 1818 needs to be connected to a pc to function. The only way to add any inputs is via adat. Any adat should work.