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Audiobox 1818vsl inputs not working correctly

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asked Jul 26, 2016 in AudioBox USB by cwest25 (240 points)
reshown Jul 27, 2016 by cwest25
I'm using an audiobox 1818vsl connected to a Windows 10 PC. I have had no issues until today and I've been using the same set up for over 6 months. I started recording and noticed none of my inputs were working. I turned the gain all the way up on the channel and can see that it's clipping (did this on all 8 channels), but the output level indicators don't show a signal going through and when recording nothing is recorded.

The weirdest part is, if I turn the audio box off then on, after the USB sync light turns blue, the inputs work fine until the audiobox mixer pops up on my pc and then they stop working again.

I've tried rebooting, restarting the audiobox, a different USB port and uninstalling/reinstalling the driver and the audiobox mixer from my pc with no luck.

Any help is appreciated!

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answered Jul 27, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,250 points)
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I'd recommend trying the following:

1. Open the VSL mixer and click the power button in the top left hand corner. Test the input in your DAW.

2. If the issue persists try opening the VSL mixer, clicking "Setup", then clicking where it says "Firmware version". This will prompt you to "Force firmware update". Click on that and allow the firmware flash to finish.

3. If the issue is still persisting try following the full uninstall/reinstall guide -

If you still can not get the device to function correctly let technical support know by opening a support ticket from your account.
asked Jul 27, 2016 in AudioBox USB by Edizero (220 points) Still not working
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answered Jul 26, 2016 by Edizero (220 points)
I've just got the same problem. But only channels 2 and 3. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Right now I've just reinstalled the driver and i's working. Although I know that on next reboot it's going to stop again . At first I thought it was a hardware issue. But it's software stuff . Hope someone can help us.
asked Jul 27, 2016 in AudioBox USB by cwest25 (240 points) Audiobox 1818VSL not working --- FIXED