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Can I combine Firestudio Project and Mac Built in Output in Mac Audio Midi Setup to split output?

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asked Nov 29, 2016 in FireStudio Series by chrisdenby1 (250 points)

While recording, I'd like to have outputs coming from both my Firestudio Project AND my Mac built in output. I have my Firestudio a floor away from the computer and I'm wanting to both monitor it at the Firestudio and at the mac.

I've tried setting up a aggregate device and a multi-output device, but neither of them looks right on the input side.

I would want the inputs to look something like this in Studio One:

Input Channels from Firestudio Project

But I get this when using an Aggregate or Multi-output device and all of the inputs have "None" on them (no source, I suppose).

Input when using an Aggregate Device

On the Output tab, I can only ever see something like this:

Output LIst

I can't seem to add another output from the other sub-device (the built-in output).

When I compare the appearance of the device in Audio MIDI setup, the Firestudio (pure single device which works fine) looks the same as the Firestudio Project subdevice of the aggregate and the multi-output (which doesn't work). And in any case, the outputs are showing as available in both the Built in output sub device and the firestudio output subdevice. But in Studio One, they can't be used, it appears.

Is this something that is impossible to do with the firestudio and mac os x 10.11? Is there a way that I could make this happen?


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answered Dec 22, 2016 by butchrichard (131,280 points)
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You can create an Aggregate Device which will allow you combine the I/O of different devices.

However this is generally not recommend and will not be supported.

It may work, but there may be many potential issues because you are dealing with 2 different audio processes and different hardware.  They do not work the same.