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re: Settings for fishman tripleplay midi guitar settings

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asked Nov 30, 2016 in Progression by rlomahan (140 points)
Hello-What are the ideal midi recording settings for using the guitar fishman tripleplay midi device? I'm looking for the settings for finger picking songs? How about simple melodies?

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answered Jan 10, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,360 points)
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If you are using a Fishman TriplePlay with Progresssion, the tab will be spelled correctly when you are in real-time MIDI entry mode.  Below is an excerpt from the Progression 3 User Guide that explains all of the parameters in the MIDI record drop-down.  This is also applicable to Progression 2.

Start Recording – Use this to begin recording your MIDI line
Metronome – Do you want to hear a metronome as you input music
Count In – How many bars do you want the countin
to be before you start recording
Min duration
On some controllers, especially guitar MIDI controllers, you may
accidentally play very short notes that aren’t what you are trying to
play into Progression. These can come from brushing the next string
over, or from just putting your finger down on the fret. To filter out
these short notes, use the “Minimum duration” setting. With “40 ms”
selected, notes shorter than 40 milliseconds long will be ignored.
Chord looseness
If you are playing in chords, the notes you play are not going to
happen at exactly the same time. This is especially true for a guitar
MIDI controller. When you strum, the notes on the low strings
happen a good amount before the notes on the high strings. The
chord looseness setting tells the program how loose a group of
notes can be and still be Entered as a chord, instead of seperate
notes. Use a low setting if you are playing individual notes with very
precise rhythms. Use a high setting if you are strumming chords.
Split point
On a part with two staves, like most piano parts, you may want
high notes to go on the upper staff and low notes to go on
the lower staff. The split controls the point that divides the upper staff notes from the lower staff notes.
On a part with just one staff, this setting doesn’t do anything.
If you want the program to write rhythms with triplets and more complicated tuplets, like 5:4, turn the
Tuplets option on. With this option off, the rhythms will only be regular and dotted notes.
If you are playing in a part where you have two different musical lines with their own rhythms,
turn the Multi-voice option on. With this option off, only one line will be notated.
Multi-channel guitar
If you are playing in from a guitar MIDI controller, you will most likely want this option turned
on. MIDI guitars send the notes for each string on a different MIDI channel, and the program uses
this information to put the notes you play on the right string on the Tablature staff.
If you are not using a guitar MIDI controller, keep this option off.