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In Notion ios, is it possible to split a measure and insert an anacrusis.

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asked Dec 3, 2016 in Notion iOS by steveclarry (170 points)
I sometimes need to split a measure or insert an anacrusis, is this possible in Notion for ios.

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answered Jan 10, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,950 points)
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Here is what you will want to do:

1.  Tap your score where you would like to split a measure so that the green status bar is in the desired location.  You can then tap the single bar line to enter a bar line in that location.  The single bar line is in the 3rd pane from the right in the palette.

2.  Tap and hold your finger on the new bar line until you see a menu appear.  Select "Make Pickup Bar" or "Make Partial Bar."
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answered May 8, 2017 by ronaldnovacri (460 points)
Muito confusa essa resposta!!
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answered May 8, 2017 by ronaldnovacri (460 points)
A pergunta é sobre anacruse!!

e a resposta não fala nada a respeito  disso!!
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answered Dec 3, 2017 by leandrofernandesmarques-cursospalla (140 points)
Basta colocar as notas e quando quiser inserir a barra pressione e segure e selecione a opção " Make a pickup bar" e seguir digitando as notas do restante da música. Importante: está opção não funciona com a ferramenta "Mão" selecionada.
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answered Feb 5, 2018 by roseatiyeh (450 points)
O anacruse e o "pick-up Bar" são a mesma coisa. a resposta diz como fazer o pick-up bar.