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TI chipset, been having the same problem, and I'm ready to throw my presonus software and hardware away

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asked Dec 29, 2016 in Studio One 3 by tyaudronis (150 points)
Yeah... I have the TI chipset (not VIA).  I have a firestudio project, and the **** S1-3 has never stopped crackling.  Yes, latest version, latest drivers, etc.  It goes off at the most inopportune times.  System requirements?  Try this on for size:

Intel I7-5690 (octa-core) @ 3.9 GHz (Water Cooled)
MSI X99A G-7 motherboard
32GB Corsair Dominator @ 3.0 GHz
25 TB of RAID 0 SATA (6G/s)
Not really relevant, but nVidia Titan X video card
Texas Instruments 1394 firewire card
Presonus Firestudio Project

Even at max latency (in both UC and S1-3), eventually, crackles and pops happen.  It even happens on track 1 (with no other tracks or FX eventually)

Now, even at a latency of 32, ProTools doesn't crackle... not once.

I love the arrangement tools in Studio One.  But I'm tellin' ya... I'm ready to throw anything that says Presonus on it (including my monitors) in the trash if I can't get this fixed.  I'm updating my entire studio, so now's the time.  T-minus 3 days for a response before I switch companies and don't look back.  Sorry for the threats.  But over a year of frustration is making me lose my friggin' mind.
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answered Jan 1, 2017 by paulclarke2 (27,400 points)
selected Jan 17, 2017 by maxstratmann
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Ty, The best way to resolve this issue is by creating a support ticket from your my.presonus account.

Be sure to attach system info files to your ticket:

Ensure you have installed Universal Control 1.7.4, Studio One 3.3.3 & Capture 2.2.2

You could try a full uninstall/reinstall of your Universal Control drivers to see if it can resolve the issue:

If the issue remains please create a support ticket.