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Cant hear Sound on Recorded Playback

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asked Jan 8, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonkerr2 (150 points)
Hi ... Thanks Newbie Here ...

Mac Pro Running Studio one 3 ...  I seem to be all set except that when I go to playback my recorded sounds from Midi Keyboard - no audio ... I can see that I am laying down Waveforms so its just an output sound problem I am guessing ..  If I throw in a loop from Studio one I can hear just fine . Its only when I record from my keyboard .. I read the other Comments , but still lost ..

Really appreciate the assistance !


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answered Jan 10, 2017 by mattcaprio (148,070 points)
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MIDI is not audio. If you're recording your MIDI keyboard in to an instrument track then it's only going to record MIDI data.

To be able to hear what you've recorded you need to either:

1. Assign an instrument (such as a preset from Mojito or Impact) to the MIDI data you've recorded

2. Record the keyboard using an instrument cable in to an audio track (not MIDI)