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set up for subwoofer with eris 4,5

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asked Jan 20, 2017 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by arnaudclement (170 points)
hello i just bought a fostex submini and i'm lost in the set up. first where do i put my filter on the eris, 80hz or 100hz? and second on the sub there is a frequency knob from 60hz to 150 hz. So where do i put this crossover? thank you so much.

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answered Apr 6, 2017 by AlexTinsley (912,210 points)
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Read the Speaker setup guide (also available in the product info download page) for more information about how to setup your speakers and use of a subwoofer. 

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answered Mar 30, 2019 by sergiopay (150 points)
Hey bro i'm interested in this sub for my eris 4.5, how did you conect and configure it at the end? Do it give enough bass and worth the money?