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closed For the AudioBox 2x2, will 48V phatom power be applied through a 1/4" cable, or is it ONLY applied via XLR?

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asked Jan 26, 2017 in AudioBox USB by derekbunyak (140 points)
closed Jan 26, 2017 by derekbunyak

I'm trying to use an instrument (keyboard, using 1/4" patch cable) on one channel and a condenser mic (using XLR to XLR) on the other, but I'm concerned about applying phantom power to my instrument. I've looked through the manual and see the 3-pin phantom power wiring for XLR plugs, but I don't see any mention of 1/4", so I figured to be safe and simply ask!

I know both mic/instrument channel inputs on the USB AudioBox can take either 1/4" or XLR plugs, but I'm trying to determine if the box has been wired to only provide that phantom power when using an XLR plug, or if it's still going to come through the 1/4" as well and possibly damage my instrument.

closed with the note: Answered by tech support. Phantom power applied only via XLR