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External Audio Recording Latency (MIDI)

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asked Feb 2, 2017 in Studio One 2 by bwiggz (150 points)

While recording sequences into Studio One from my ASR-10 Keyboard, I am getting space at the beginning of each track due to some sort of latency. My preference is to sync S1 with the ASR's MIDI clock to ensure the same starting point for each track. However, when I record with MIDI, there is a visible gap before the first note, the tempo is slightly off (although both ASR & S1 are set to the same bpm), and the loop does not roll over smoothly as it does in its original sequence (this can be heard because of the small gap of dead air recorded at the start of the loop). I have tried to troubleshoot this own my and with help to no resolution and I have searched all over the internet to no avail. This is happening the same way in FL Studio as I have attempted to record external audio into it as well. Are there any settings that Im overlooking? Is there any equipment I can buy to eliminate to cue delay between the ASR 10 and Studio? Please help me, Ive been at this for months and I have a ton of work ahead of me. Thank You.

Set Up:
ASR 10 Keyboard
Presonus Audiobox USB
HP Pavilion Probook 450 G1 (16 GB RAM, Intel i7, 64 bit)

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answered Feb 10, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)
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Have a look at the Record Offset setting below which should allow you to offset with negative numbers to makeup for any midi latency from the keyboard.