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Why is my R80 Overheating So Quickly

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asked Feb 18, 2017 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by drewdeabenderfer (350 points)
One of my R80's hits its thermal cutoff very quickly.  My other r80 which is receiving virtually the same signal (obviously some difference because of stereo sources but negligible) does not overheat at all, (they both feel the same on the back though, pretty warm)  They are both in the same room, same ambient temperature, nothing in line with them (hardware eq, xover, dsp etc) Both have the 80hz filter engaged. I'm starting to think it might be defective.  It only takes about 20 minutes from initial cold start, at very modest volume.  HELP!

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answered Apr 6, 2017 by ryanmiller13 (18,150 points)
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I would suggest filing a support ticket at

They can help you troubleshoot and/or set you up for a repair if you are in the United States.

If International, you can find your nearest distributor here: