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You're Killing My Top of the Line MacBook Pro - Overheating - Overprocessing

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asked Jun 27 in Studio One 4 by jasonmoore22 (180 points)
I've read all of the past complaints that S1 does not really use CPU power very efficiently and it is still a problem.  I just bought a top of the line MacBook Pro with 64 GB of RAM and I am constantly running at 120% CPU.  Worst of all... after running S1 for 5 minutes the computer gets so hot I can't leave it on my lap AND the fan is constantly running which introduces noise into my tracks.  There really needs to be an update to resolve these issues.  People have been asking for it for several years according to all of the forums I've read about CPU usage of S1.

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answered Jun 27 by osmark (830 points)
Can I ask some details about your session?

How many tracks?

Virtual instruments?

Can you share a screenshot of what your tracks and plugins are looking like?