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Which sd card do I use

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asked Feb 27, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by mike111 (120 points)
I have the ar12 and im trying to record uing the sd card   can you tell me what kind off sd card I need im not sure how to find one with fat system as my windows wll not format the card above only choices are exfat and ntsf thank you

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answered Feb 28, 2017 by vasilykorytov (9,870 points)
Windows does not allow you to format cards bigger than 32GB to FAT32. But it seems to work with them if someone else formats it.

Also please note that AR12 officially does not support cards bigger than 32GB (I'm not sure whether a FAT32-formatted 64GB card will work, but you may want to try that provided you already have that card and that mixer). If you want a safe choice, get a 32GB card and you will be able to format it to FAT32 in Windows.

To format a 64GB SD card to FAT32 you need either a third-party formatting utility, or a friend with Mac or Linux. See for more details.