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Sample One plays random unwanted notes.

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asked Mar 4, 2017 in Studio One 3 by collinbazzell (1,550 points)
Whenever I use sample one to make a MIDI track, it frequently plays random extra notes that are not programmed into the MIDI track. I have made sure that each sample is restricted to it's particular key (ie. one of the samples is set to play only on C4, no higher, no lower; C4 is set to be the only key that will play that sample). Even when only one note is written into the MIDI track (like C4), other random notes are just playing whenever they feel like it (like D4).

Using Studio One 3 Artist

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answered Mar 4, 2017 by sangamc (690 points)
I have this problem too! Sometimes turning the release down to 0 helps, but too many times I listen to bounced tracks and a kick or hihat is playing extra notes.
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answered May 17, 2017 by regisscarbrough (280 points)
I am having the same issue on both Mac and PC. it is definitely a sample one bug. I've been having this issue since version 2
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answered Jun 11, 2017 by leandrotamayo (3,000 points)

I have this problem, i hate it, im switching back to fl studio and pro tools till they fix this sad