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Notion demo won't play, and it's giving me importing problems.

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asked Apr 4, 2017 in Notion by joshuamanuel (170 points)

I downloaded the Notion demo and keyboard bundle, but it still hasn't played any sound yet. Also, it is crucial for what I want to do that I can import MIDI files from another source with no glitches and not all files opened in the demo. Also, the time signature did not change when it should have (as written in the MIDI file I imported) and the tempo was a few beats slower than it should be, around 125 instead of 127. Can these problems be fixed? I really need all of these things and more (such as accents, grace notes, triplets, dynamics changes, etc.) for this to be a very useful software for me and that is why I downloaded the demo to begin with.

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answered Apr 5, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,970 points)
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If you are having a problem with playback, please take a look at the following article from our knowledge base.

If you are importing MIDI files from a source other than Notion, there may be some post-editing that needs to be done.  Time signatures, accents, grace notes, triplets, and dynamics changes are all supported in Notion.  You may want to submit a support request by logging into your account and clicking on "Support."  If you attach a MIDI file that you are having a problem with, I'm sure the support team would be happy to assist.