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no drivers code 28

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asked Apr 23, 2017 in FireStudio Series by anthonylilley (200 points)
I have researched the forum and found other driver problems with firestudio project. I have brand new desktop i7 dual quad running win10 with startech 4 input 1394a firewire 400, 256gb ssd,1tb hdd. Computing power is not an issue but after many scrubs of universal controller I still go into device management and get code 28 no drivers found. A complete wipe of installs has been done many times including deleting all folders of both controller and studio one. New version from presonus not found or old. Trying to run 2 firestudio project interfaces in parallel. The program ran on artist on a 9yr. old HP pavilion quad core,win10 os and started to have the same issue. Figured I needed a new desktop but this has not helped thus far. Any suggestions out there would be helpful but I have tried all in the forum.

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answered May 4, 2017 by butchrichard (131,290 points)
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There is a known issue with the one particular Startech firewire card.  The card has a Texas Instruments chipset, which is what we recommend, but the specific chip component is "not" compatible with Windows 10.  Specifically the XIO2200A chip.

This is what Startech has to say.

If this is the card you have, then you need only get a new firewire card and check the vendor website for Windows 10 compatibility.  
For FireStudio and classic mixers, we always recommend a firewire card that only has s400 speed 1394a connections with a Texas Instruments chipset.


You can attempt to Uninstall in the typical way, but also follow these instructions.

Uninstall in the typical way but also do this.

> Disconnect the FireStudio from your computer.

> Right click your Start menu and select "System".

> Click "Advanced System Setting" to the left.

> Click Environment Variables button.

> Click the New button for the top section on this window.

> For "Variable Name:" type this exactly.


> For "Variable Value:" enter a single number " 1 ".

> Click OK and couple times and then open the Device Manger.

> Click the View menu and check "Show Hidden Devices".

> Right click and Uninstall any "FireStudio", "PreSonus", "USB Audio Device" and or "Unknown Device" you see listed under any category.

> Restart your computer.

Then download and install these.

You may need to use this article to manually set the device driver.

Once installed, run Universal Control.  Click the Settings menu.  Check Firmware and Factory Reset.