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Plugin workspaces or screensets that open and close together

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asked May 19, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by skiltrip (690 points)
I have been setting up very cool plugin setups using the Plugin routing view with Splitters.  You can use this to essential create complex plugin chains.  I'd love to be able to save these setups as plugin screensets that open and close together.  Allow us to rename it and have that screenset take up one pluginslot that we create a name for.  For example, I've been using the routing page to build a multiband distortion unit using three or four instances of RedLightDist, followed by an EQ on each, split by frequency.  I prefer the results to many of the multiband dist plugins by 3rd party plugins.  When I open this to tweak, I currently have to open each plugin individually.  I also need to make sure I keep track of which frequency band I'm looking at when I'm looking at a particular instance of RedLightDist.  If these could all open together, with the layout saved (sort of like on a pedalboard) it would be incredibly useful.  It's like a way to build your own custom plugins using individual plugins, and then saving and name it, say "RedLightDistThreeWay"  or "Supercollider" or whatever you want to call your new Frankenplugin.

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answered May 19, 2017 by AlexTinsley (916,460 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Sep 28, 2018 by miked7 (1,610 points)
Good idea. I find, that when doing complex Splitter setups, renaming the Plugin instances as appropriate really helps, especially when you're using the same plugin multiple times. In your case, you could rename Red Light to RL-low,RL-mid and rl-High or something like that. That way, you know beforehand which plugin to click when you want to change the low distortion. It also helps when multiple instnces are opened because the new name will be in the title of the plugin.