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Scenes, Workspaces, Screensets, for everything especially Score

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asked Aug 22, 2020 in Score Editor by johnsestak (390 points)
I am not sure why Scenes are part of the mixer world, but not the other aspects of the program.

Let people setup any visual configuration they wish, and have it one button away- including specific instruments.

The concept is ancient with Logic and Cubase.

There seems to be disconnect that is placed on composers - that they use notation programs and nothing else. I use far more than just the scoring features, scoring programs are useless to me, because I need all the other stuff too. So multiple screens are helpful. The key editor is far better for editing note lengths and velocities, than a score editor.

The lack of workspaces is tough. If I had an ensemble of 12 instruments, I would have to click permutations in the track list every time I jump to something else. Basically the visual have to be reset every time they are discarded for something else.

Point being, a workspace that shows just the bass instruments is incredlbly useful - for instance. What  if I want to see the melody and bass, split with score and key editor? Well I'd create a workspace, one key I can always call it up. You seem close to the concept with the mixer scenes, but this is useful for anything, and everything.

Imagine scoring for orchestra now there are 25 instruments in the track list. I may want to look at all of them, I may want to look at a specific section. But at the moment I have to go through a track list and select them each and ever time I jump back to that bit of work - that is a huge hassle.

Having a bunch of scenes on the number pad is exceptional. Maybe I want to see the vocal melody displayed with score and key editor in one key hit. The bass section in another view.... ...always one button away.

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answered Aug 23, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (219,930 points)
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