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Faderport 8 & Firestudio Project - Is this also true for the Mac OSX?

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asked May 21, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by lukenyman (2,370 points)
I am thinking of going along this route, with a Faderport 8 and a Firestudio Project, but on a mac 10.9.5 (Maverick). Can I install both UC versions at the same time to get these two machines to work on my macbook Pro?



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answered May 22, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
Yes you can co-install classic FireStudio Project with FaderPort 8.

Install UC 2.x first

Then install UC 1.7.4 afterwards.

Then you can use FireStudio Project with UC 1.74 and update your firmware with UC 2.x.

Keep in mind that any updates to UC 2.x will remove UC 1.7.4 and you would need to repeat install UC 1.7.4 after every UC 2.x update.