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Faderport 8 will not release/let go after quitting Pro Tools 12, OSX Sierrra.

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asked Jun 25, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by andrewvastola (120 points)
When I quit Pro Tools, my Faderport 8 does not "release" the session. Faders stay up and scribble strips still display track names even thogh Pro Tools is off. Only way to remedy seems to be by power cycling the unit (which I'd rather not do after every quit) or by launching a new session - which leaves you with the same result after you close that session. Anyone else experiencing this?

Also, the scribble strip display is a split 4 character name and pan display below. Is there any way to change display mode for "default" setting (not including when you can cycle through different features for scribble strips). I'd prefer to be able to see more track name info and cycle to Pan info if desired.

I am running Pro Tools 12.5 on OSX Sierra with Faderport 8 including updated firmware (v1.10 I believe).

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