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Presonus RM16AI Assign Subgroups to Mains

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asked Jun 11, 2017 in Ai Mixers by colinbart (460 points)
On my RM16AI, I'm trying to create subgroups so that I can compress or EQ my subgroups as needed. I'd like to keep mix 1-8 as aux sends for monitors, so I've made mix 9 drums and mix 10 horns. The problem is, nothing I'm doing on these sub groups is reflected in the main mix. I'm creating these subgroups by selecting mix>switch from 'aux' to 'sub'>edit>select channels>done...Is there something I need to do after I hit done to assign these groups to the main mix? Muting, bringing fader all the way down, EQ compression, none of it is working.I realize that I can group using DCA's, but that leaves me without any option to EQ or compress.

For reference here's what I'm running:
Presonus RM16AI
UC Surface
Lenovo L440 running Windows 10, 16GB RAM, Intel i5 4330 CPU.

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answered Jun 27, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,510 points)
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Once you've selected a Mix in Universal Control you can then change the selected Mix from "Aux" to "Sub" which effectively turns the Mix into a Sub group. 

Once you've added the desired channels to the Sub you can then choose to have the Sub sent to the Main or Mono outputs by selecting this next to the HPF control.