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Provide a demo Sound Check session for training purposes

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asked Jun 19, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by markgreiner (2,500 points)
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Apparently on the new StudioLive 3 mixers, the only Capture sessions you can play using the Sound Check feature on the mixer are ones recorded on the mixer.  When you first get the mixer out of the box, it would be great in you could play a prerecorded session using the onboard Sound Check feature to try things out and get some experience with the mixer.  Can PreSonus provide some demo sessions, either downloadable or included on an SD card, for this purpose?

NOTE: I'm aware that you can load up prerecorded material to Capture on a PC/Mac and play that through to the SL3, but I'm talking about doing it directly from an SD card inserted into the mixer using Sound Check

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answered Jun 19, 2017 by allendotson (1,440 points)
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Hi. I've been using this site for training. Just drag the files onto a capture track, and mix!
It's the best resource I've found for engineer ear training.
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answered Jan 9 by scottbowles (190 points)
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Yes!  This would be a great tool!  Or if even there was a place to download online and put on the SD card for demo and training purposes. I totally agree!  Thanks so much!!!  What a great resource.  Love it!  Treasure.