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Studio 192 mobile good for VSTi's ?

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asked Jul 7, 2017 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by marky4 (200 points)
I'm considering the Studio 192  mobile (guitar center has these at 299! with the free faderport offer, sounds too good to pass up!) ...I'm getting a little scared about all the stuff I read about the realtime latency when using VSTi's...I use VST drums and sometimes synths and such and also use 3rd party recording software, SONAR. Any valid concerns from owners before I buy? They have a easy return policy but some reassurance about the units performance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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answered Jul 7, 2017 by butchrichard (131,280 points)
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The Studio 192 will have much better latency and performance then most common USB audio devices.   

Latency is the nature of how all computers process any real time data.  If you understand this, you can work with it or around it.

Work around it by monitoring/listening to inputs before processing.  This way everything is heard on time, regardless of how long your computer takes to process.  

Computers were doing this just fine 20 years ago and they were no where near as fast as computers nowadays.

Latency is simply and still a very misunderstood concept with computer based recording.

Now, if you must have ludicrously low latency with a ton of plugins, you should consider the Quantum.  The Quantum will do it all without flinching, but you will need a computer that is ThunderBolt capable.
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answered Jul 8, 2017 by marky4 (200 points)
To butchrichard. Thanks for the reply. The scenario I have though, is one whereby I like to use softsynths , pianos, instruments etc inside my DAW...The latency concern isn't so much FX because you can do as you described. I think 20 years ago, the idea of needing really low response time (latency) from software instruments that you may be playing as your tune progresses with audio tracks with added software effects wasn't as widespread as it is now. That's the need for really low latency. You want that keyboard or piano part to not feel slightly or severely delayed as your tracking or writing the part during playback of the project. And as I'm one guy, the quantum is kinda overkill in terms of INs/Outs for me. I think a lot of individual guys in my shoes have the same concerns...a reliable interface where I/O's is less of a concern than a natural feel to playing synths back inside the DAW software. I wonder if the new Presonus 6/8 has similar performance characteristics to the Studio's size is more suited to my situation and as I mentioned, it's that performance delay that is so crucial from an interface in this day and age for a home studio. Thanks.