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"Note Repeat" malfunctioning?

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asked Jul 22, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonbrown19 (1,100 points)
Hi Everyone,

I've just moved over to Studio One so I'm not sure if the problem that I'm encountering is a bug in the DAW or if I'm just not understanding how it works but I've spent half a day on this now and I am utterly baffled.

As I've already found out this software sometimes doesn't register your first midi note if you record starting at bar one so I start at bar two every time to avoid this problem but a similar issue seems to still happen when engaging the "Note Repeat" function which I'll outline below.

I have an instance of Impact open with drums loaded and I've engaged the "Note Repeat" function in the record panel so that I can hold down a pad on Impact and it will perform drum rolls etc in different timings but, I am experiencing a few odd behaviours that I cannot seem to rectify no matter what settings I change.

1: With "Note Repeat" activated I press record and then hold a pad down on Impact as I want to get a double or triple kick starting at the beginning of the bar, but every single time the very first beat of the bar is missed and no midi note will record unless I wait for the cycle to loop back through again and then a beat will be placed at the start of the cycle if I'm still holding the pad down. Even if I hold the drum pad down continuously so that it should place a beat on every bar, 1/4, 8th, 16th etc from the beginning to end of the looped area, the first beat is always missed (when Note Repeat is engaged).

This also happens if I just press play and hold the pad down, the first beat is ALWAYS missed. I have tried disengaging Input Quantize and every other thing that I can possibly think of but it always happens. It's as though the software just will not record the first beat of the bar when using the "Note Repeat" function until the loop has cycled through once and then it will do it if the pad is still being held down.

2: When doing the same process as above with "Note Repeat" activated, I am holding down a drum pad doing various drum rolls whilst recording a loop and some of the notes don't even record even though I hear them playing at the time. When I play back what I have just recorded some of the notes are missing, for instance if I hold the drum pad so that I get a roll of 4 consecutive kicks, when played back there will only be 2 or 3 kicks.

You can easily replicate what I'm experiencing by placing a drum sound on an Impact pad, engaging "Note Repeat" in the record panel, setting a loop of any bar length and pressing record, and then holding the drum pad down in the pre count so that it should record a note on the first beat of the bar.

I have literally spent half a day trying to figure this out and I am now thinking it's a glitch in the software but if I'm doing something wrong I would love somebody to tell me what it is.

I just bought Studio One a few days ago after demoing it for a few days because I love the feel of the workflow but I already seem to be finding quite a few problems and I'm really hoping there aren't as many issues as there appear to be because the program itself is so useable and I want to stay with it. I have used my other DAW (Logic) for a decade and a half so moving to another one wasn't a small decision and I really want this software to function as it feels very creative, but issues like this will kill it for me unfortunately.

Anyway that's it for now and I'd love some feedback if anybody has any.

Cheers and take it easy,


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answered Jul 23, 2017 by niles (54,610 points)
selected Jul 23, 2017 by jasonbrown19
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Yes I came across it too (report here).

asked Jul 23, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonbrown19 (1,100 points) Perfect, thank you.
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answered Jul 23, 2017 by jasonbrown19 (1,100 points)

If anybody has a spare 5 minutes to try to replicate the above problem and let me know if the result's the same I'd really appreciate it so that I know whether it's a problem with Studio One 3 or if I'm just doing something wrong.

Thanks for your time,

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answered Jul 23, 2017 by jasonbrown19 (1,100 points)
Thanks Niles,

Your video that you linked to on Youtube shows exactly what I'm experiencing and it happens even if all input quantize is deselected. I wasted a full day on this yesterday thinking I must've been doing something incorrectly so thank you for letting me know it's actually a bug in the program.

It basically makes the "Note Repeat" function completely useless and unusable which for me is quite a big issue so I'll create a support ticket and see if something can be sorted.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me it's much appreciated.

Take it easy,

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answered Mar 23, 2018 by brockstallworth (3,120 points)
I had the same issue, it was the IQ tab that was the problem, I thought it was the input quantize. That option HAS to be unchecked in order to get the first midi tap back.