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StudioLive bundled SW : Studio One [Artist or Artist OEM ???]

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asked Aug 5, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by kl0828 (150 points)
I wanna ask this

: Does 'StudioLive AR8' have Studio One Artist? or Studio One Artist OEM(without 3rd party vst integration)?

Please answer if you have the exact information. :)


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answered Oct 17, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (174,650 points)
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The StudioLive AR8 comes with Studio One 3 Artist, not the OEM. Also, it does not have VST support. There is an available add-on you can purchase to add third party VST support. Which can be purchased from the Presonus Shop:

The AR8, after you register it will  also drop the StudioMagic Plug-in Suite into your account: Which you don't need the VST add-on for.