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Problems with loops which are in a soundset

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asked Aug 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by mrwormo (130 points)
edited Aug 7, 2017 by mrwormo

I've got a problem with somes audioloops which are in soundsets.

I'll try to explain : i did a track with an audioloop from the the Sample Magic Loops and Kits soundset. i opended the song today and, on the track, the audioloop is empty. So i'm trying to reload it from the explorer, but it tell me the audioloop is in an unknown format (??). I've tried to delete the soundset and download it again. Now S1 don't show the soundset. When i load the track, it tell me some files are missing, but i can't search it in the soundset because S1 don't show it.

I can say also they are many audio files from soundsets in "unknown format".

I always run Studio One x86 because some plugins do not work on x64.

Thx by advance for answers.

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answered Aug 7, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (220,900 points)


This is a known issue with OS X x64 only (should work fine in x86) and will be corrected in a future update.  Try running Studio One x86 and bouncing the loops to audio before switching back to x64,