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Where is documentation for latest version of soundset builder

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asked Apr 13, 2017 in Studio One 3 by sangamc (750 points)
I have followed the old documentation for soundset builder word for word. The part about "packing sample based presets" does not work. After creating the soundset, the presets are not visible, but in the original folder I can see and use them with no prob.

Please point me to documentation for soundset builder 3.x


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answered Apr 13, 2017 by LMike (14,590 points)
selected Apr 13, 2017 by sangamc
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Hi Sangamc,

I don't believe that the tool and it's general operation changed at all from version 2 to version 3.  It did "disappear" from the application and from The Exchange for a short time early in version 3 due to compatibility issues with the new version, but I think it works exactly the same way.  If so, that may be why there was no additional documentation published for it if there isn't any.


Making soundsets that include presets and samples has always been a little tricky with that tool.   The main thing to remember is to source the samples for any presets that you build from a mounted soundset, otherwise when you make the real one it won't be referencing samples from the soundset, it will still be referencing the samples from the original hard disk location.


Generally speaking it should work like this...

  • Collect all of your samples into a folder.
  • Mount that folder as a temporary sound set. Pick the name that you'll use for the real soundset.
  • Open Impact or whatever instrument it will use and drag the samples in from the mounted soundset to build your kit.

That last part above is important because the file location references are literal.  To be self contained it has to reference the samples from the temporarily mounted soundset, not directly from the hard drive.

  • Once the kit has been created, save a preset.
  • Test the preset by maybe unloading Impact or whatever and open the preset to make sure it's ok.
  • Unmount the temporary soundset.
  • Put a copy of the preset file into the same folder where the samples are.
  • This time instead of "mounting" the folder as a soundset, make a real soundset.

If that process above doesn't work for you or is in some way not entirely accurate other users can follow up on this.

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answered Apr 13, 2017 by sangamc (750 points)
I got a free soundset and opened with winrar to see the insides. They had a different folder structure which I copied as a shell to create the soundset structure.

From the docs: the part that is not clear is "saving the preset by dragging".

I would store preset then move it from the default presets folder. It should be: open instrument window and drag the Named tab of each preset instrument to the presets folder for your soundset.

It works now. THanks