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Cant find my asked questions and feature requests on the website

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asked Aug 31, 2017 in MyPreSonus Questions by florianfreimann (4,980 points)
edited Aug 31, 2017 by florianfreimann
Cant find my asked questions and feature requests on the website.

If I ask a question or submit a feature request I would like to check the reactions after some weeks.

Its very unintuitive or impossible to do so.

Also it would be cool to see which topics I have upvoted, so that I can see whats happening to theese topics.

Kind regards,

keep up the good work :-)

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answered Sep 14, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,970 points)
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Hi Florian,

I believe we answered this in a support ticket, but in case you are still having an issue, you can do a search in the PreSonus Answers system for your user name.  florianfreimann  In the search field where Answers asks "What can we help you with," just enter florianfreimann and press enter.  It should show you all of your posts.

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answered Dec 16, 2017 by DrummaMan (3,250 points)
edited Dec 16, 2017 by DrummaMan
So how do the REST of us enter feature requests?

Seriously - I am new to this forum and do not see a way to post.

I'm missing something here, as other forums make it pretty easy to submit a post once registered.

In the Feature Request forum, all I see is a way to add an "answer" to other's posts...but not submit a new one.

You have a ton of folks coming over from Sonar, and there are a LOT of features that would benefit Studio One/Studio One Pro.