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Solution for easily returning to the root of a custom files tab

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asked Jul 5, 2017 in Look and Feel by niles (54,610 points)
recategorized Apr 20, 2018 by niles

When searching in a sub folder of a custom tab in the file browser, it's not easily to change the "Search in" to the highest level (root) of the tab again after a sub folder is entered. The only way to do it is clicking below the last sub folder in the root. Needless to say, with a long list this can be a bit inconvenient.

Therefor I would like to request an option at the top of the browser to easily bring us back to the root of the custom tab. For instance a breadcrumb trail where one can click each step back, or easily return to the root of the tab. 

But basically any simple solution at the top will do, like for instance clicking the header of the root tab.

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answered Jul 8, 2017 by Skip Jones (166,630 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Jan 31, 2019 by philliptremblay (670 points)
Yes!  I need this too.  I have a sound effect bank with a long list of folders sorted by sound library names (i.e. Boom Library... SoundBits Library... etc.), and this list is longer than the browser height, so if I want to search the root folder all these sub-folders are in, I never can if any sub-folder has already been selected because you can't de-select anything and return the search bar to the root.  My only option is to open a sub-folder at the bottom which extends the browser scroll height, then close that sub-folder, then click on that new negative space, then the search bar goes back to the root folder and I can do my search.  As soon as I scroll back up and hide that new negative space, the negative space disappears and I have to do it all over again next time I want to search the root.  When I'm going through and searching my sound effects folders all day, this is a huge pain.

So, yes there definitely needs to be a way to quickly revert the search bar back to the current root.