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Sound Effects?

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asked Sep 29, 2017 in Studio One 1 by mikebones (200 points)
Does PreSonus have a midi controller built into it's system? We are looking to have sound effects play for our podcast at the press of a button digitally directly into the audio instead of something external and running it to play through the mic etc etc. Is this possible with Presonus?

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answered Oct 3, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,020 points)
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Studio One has a built-in virtual keyboard for Presence and Mai Tai and a built-in virtual drum pad for Impact.  You can use the keys on the virtual keyboard or pads to trigger sounds.  If you need to record MIDI into the program, you can use the built-in Qwerty keyboard or you can manually click your MIDI notes into the Editor window with a mouse.  You can download a demo of Studio One 3 from within your account.  If you do not have an account, simply create one at