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adding effects in the same order on a new song sound very different; did I accidentally add something the first time?

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asked Jul 17, 2022 in Studio One 5 by dakotayocom (120 points)
Hi there, I am a beginner to mastering and using a DAW in general. In my original recording of my song I started adding effects that come with a basic studio one install. There is a really nice sound going on so I want to leave this file as it is and set out to make a new template with all the same effects. in the new version of the song I began recording and when I play it back it sounds drastically different! Terrible to say the least! I am aware of the copy and paste functions in the effects windows so I'm fairly certain my effects are setup properly.

So what I'm considering is maybe I accidently changed a setting that isn't an effect but some other parameter I haven't learned yet? can you suggest some changes I may have made by mistake (or rather beautiful-mistake)

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