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closed How to get Faderport 8 (1.10) to show channel level in scribble strip rather than track number

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asked Oct 11, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by Tuoni64 (1,000 points)
closed Oct 11, 2017 by Tuoni64
The user manual shows channel level in the scribble strip however with the version of firmware I'm using I only see a track number, this is less useful to me than the channel level since the metering is naturally only indicative.

Incidentally,  I have tried disabling channel numbers in the S1 Pro UI on the basis that they might be shown if switched on however they seem reluctant to go away at the moment anyway.  I have all channel number boxes unticked yet the continue to show.
closed with the note: Misread manual.  Manual states fader level not channel peak level.  This is shown when fader is touched in latest version.

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answered Dec 18, 2019 by ianrobertson4 (370 points)
Press the track button to toggle the meters on and off.