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How do i redirect the whole mix from my studio live AI mixer through firewire as an input to OBS?

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asked Oct 22, 2017 in Ai Mixers by emmanuelbiblechurchsimcoe (130 points)
I have a windows 7 PC that is connected to the computer through FireWire.  It us supplying the mixer with stereo channels as the PC out audio.  The mixer is used in a church setting (24.4.2AI) and as we implement live streaming id like to take the post mix from the board and input it to the same computer through the same FireWire connection.  I can send the stereo signal through to channels 23-24 for the PC audio and is only returning pre mixed channels 1 and 2.  I want it to take a sub out but i have tried every way i can think of to change its source.  Nothing is working so far and even if it means that i have to run a second FireWire connection to the computer again to have one going in and one going out i will.  If someone could explain how to change where the PC is grabbing the audio from that would be great!!

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answered Nov 9, 2017 by jschimenes (920 points)

Check your settings in OBS if your audio in source can be the firewire connection. Here is a link to how to do so - 

If that doesn´t work my suggestion would be to have 2 audio sources.

In our church, we have a secondary mixer so we can have a separated mix for streaming, but you could have an audio workflow that could be:

  1. audio from the mixer to PC over firewire for recording, and from PC to mixer
  2. audio from an aux mix that can be transmitted via an audio interface or a sound card on your PC and your streaming software could use that as an audio source for the streaming