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How to delay CR Output?

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asked Oct 23, 2017 in Classic Mixers by olivergee (120 points)
I have the StudioLive 24.4.2 set up in a large auditorium. My control room is far enough away from the mains that there is a noticeable delay (~100-250ms) between the mains and my CR Monitors. Is there any way to compensate for that delay for the CR Monitor Outputs? I've been playing around with using the FX bus delay for it, but I haven't quite figured out if it'll do what I want. Am I better off getting a hardware digital audio delay to put between the mixer and CR monitors?

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answered Oct 27, 2017 by genarogonzalez1 (240 points)

Hi there,

I can´t say if  the StudioLive 24.4.2  offers delay in CR or in Phonesfrown, but I could affirm you that the X32 by Berhinger doeswink