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How to erase a note using a notebook

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asked Oct 25, 2017 in Notion by adolfoalvarezconstanzo (320 points)
Hello : I have notion installed on my IPad and I also bought the version for windows. In iOS there is the option to erase the note or rest by clicking the erase icon how ever I can not find this icon in the windows version . Could you please tell me how can I erase a note .

Thanks in advance


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answered Oct 26, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (194,960 points)
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Hi Adolfo,

With the Windows version of Notion 6, you can simply click or tap a note so that it is highlighted in orange, and then press the delete key on your computer keyboard.  If you do not have a computer keyboard, you can go to Edit>Delete in the menu bar of the program.