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Drum Machine Sequencing: Allow Note Erase to erase notes from previous recording passes, like Maschine or Octatrack

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asked Mar 22 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by robertgray3 (40,210 points)
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Request: Allow Note Erase to erase notes from previous recording passes as well

Note Erase currently can only erase Notes from the current recording pass. If you stop recording, decide "Oh I should erase a few of those kicks when the singer does this and that" and then record a second pass in Record Mix to do that, nothing will happen.

In other sequencers, Note Erase is not generally used for the immediate fixing of mistakes, it's more often used for retroactively editing a part to work better with the rest of the arrangement, without re-recording it.

Pain Point:

I don't always know which notes I'm going to want to remove while I'm recording them. Usually I think of opportunities to mute some of the notes after adjusting other parts or playing things back once. If I can't erase notes except for in the very specific situation where I haven't stopped recording, at that point, it's less trouble to erase the notes manually or simply re-record the whole part. For reference, every other sequencer I've used with this feature allows notes to be erased later. Maschine, Octatrack, Roland hardware sequencers, etc.

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