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Can I use my new Studio One Artist v3 activation key to also activate v2 on an older Vista 64bit machine?

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asked Nov 13, 2015 in Ai Mixers by mikekibort (150 points)
I have original Studio One Artist V2 disks from my recent 44VSL purchase, and upon registering my hardware online, I received the license authorization for the Artist V3 download.  However, I would like to try V2 on my Windows Vista 64bit machine (Intel Core Duo, 2.0gHz/4GB RAM). Unfortunately, 4GB RAM is the maximum expandability of my laptop's RAM capacity. I have plenty of available hard drive space (300GB)

I would like to see if I can be functional with Studio Artist V2.xx without having to purchase a new PC with new OS and greater performance.  I am wondering if my activation key will allow me to activate V2 and allow me to be able to receive the latest updates on V2 online once loading onto my old machine from disks that were included with my 44VSL purchase.

I have read forums that state that I may get frustrated due to PC performance issues on my existing machine, so.....

I am also hoping this won't affect my ability to eventually download V3 if/when I decide to upgrade to a new computer in the future.

Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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answered Nov 14, 2015 by ghasenbeck (355,660 points)
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You can only use a V2 Key to activate V2. Since you have a copy of V2, you are good to go. As far as your concerns about RAM and recording experience, you will want to optimize your PC for digital audio recording. PreSonus has some really good resources in their Knowledge Base about how to do this type of optimizations for several of the modern OS's. Additionally, they provide links to programs that can scan your PC to see what may be taxing your CPU as well as information on how to expand your virtual RAM and unpark your CPU cores.