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AudioBox series (AudioBox 44VSL)-software ask

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asked Nov 26, 2017 in Computer Based Recording & Production by sam70 (870 points)
Windows 8.1 and 7 64bit
I want to buy my first audio interface. Probably will need 4 in mic so thinking about AudioBox 44VSL/Studio 68 (but want to something cheaper than Studio 68). And now can't understand about software for AudioBox 44VSL? Does it have normal Universal Control Driver but only without VSL software? And how it is with software on Mac? Is VSL integrated to older Universal Conctrol or it is as separate software?
I want to work on Studio One 2 (and 3 if will buy interface from presonus)

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answered Nov 28, 2017 by brockstallworth (3,090 points)
It comes with studio one 3 artist. It is one of the qualifying interfaces so you are good to go.