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BUG - Effect Thumbnails Not Preserved When VST Manufacturer Has a '.' In the Name

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by tomboughner (500 points)

Whenever I create a new thumbnail for an Izotope or UAD plugin, all of the other thumbnails for plugins from these vendors disappear after a reload of Studio One.  My Snapshots folder still contains all of the thumbnails, however.  I believe the issue is that the UAD and Izotope plugins all have their VST Manufacturer field set to "Universal Audio, Inc." or "Izotope, Inc.".  Windows doesn't allow periods at the end of folder names, so the folders where the thumbnails are stored end up being called "Universal Audio, Inc" and "Izotope, Inc".  This seems to throw Studio One off when loading the thumbnails, as it probably looks for a folder name that exactly matches the vendor name.  Should be an easy fix - just remove periods (and possibly other illegal folder name characters) from the vendor ID when searching for the correct folder.

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answered Jun 9 by tvonsv (1,390 points)

I'm affected by this bug as well.

I didn't track exactly which plugins lost their thumbnails, but I can say for sure that a few of my iZotope & UAD plugins did. I didn't notice it for plugins from other companies. Interestingly, not all plugins from these 2 manufacturers seem to be affected, either (well, on my machine, that is). Here are some examples I'm confident about:

NOT affected (did not lose their thumbnails)

  • iZo Ozone 8 EQ (and, I believe, the Dynamics module is persistent as well)
  • UAD Lexicon 224

Affected (did lose their thumbnails):

  • iZo Neutron 2
  • iZo Neutron 2 Mix Tap
  • UAD Eden WT800
  • UAD Fairchild 670
  • UAD Tube-tech CL1B
  • UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • UAD Oxford Dynamic EQ
I'm on Win7, using Studio One Win x64 (Built on Mar 20 2018)
Please fix this bug - it's really annoying! With large plugins collections, I find that even the folder view gets crowded, and as such thumbnails are a crucial tool to still find plugins reasonably quickly.
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answered Jul 8 by Verhext (210 points)
hello ??

this issue has been around for years,  none of my UAD plugins ever preserved the thumbnails ...
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answered Jul 28 by Fer2010 (610 points)
I have this issue also. It's exactly as you describe, and for me it affects all of those plugins.

So for instance, whenever I add one new thumbnail for a UAD plug-in, all thumbnails for UAD plug-ins that previously existed to not show up in the browser anymore. (The one new one I added does)

The issue seems linked with the use of a .  or ,  in the plug-in manufacturer's name. As far as I know on the Mac this is no issue. Only on Windows.

Especially now Studio One 4 is out I had expected this to be fixed, but the problem is still the same.